broadcast Advertising
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broadcast Advertising

broadcast Advertising
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Through broadcast television and radio formats is a great way to market a product, because it provides a highly targeted audience. Fans of certain stations have specific preferences and interests that a good agency can determine through market research and analysis. A business can experience the benefits of this type of advertising with an increased level of sales and interest in its product.


The advantage of Broadcast Advertising

Spend More Time With TV

Viewers still use the TV screen for the bulk of their viewing and spend more time doing so than all the other platforms combined. Insights gleaned from Nielsen’s fourth-quarter 2016 Comparable Metrics Report found that over 92% of all viewing among U.S. adults happens via the TV screen.


People Can Watch TV Anywhere

Access helps. So does the fact that video is the most preferred content format, especially with millennials. The increasing popularity of tablets and smart phones, access to WiFi and better data plans will continue to facilitate a rise in VOD audiences. Out of Home viewing also occurs via TV monitors in airports, fitness clubs, bars and even at some gas pumps.

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