Enjoy Silky Straight Hair With FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener!
Enjoy Silky Straight Hair With FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener!

A hair straightener is a grooming tool that is designed to remove curls or kinks from the hair. The flat iron straighteners and hairbrush straighteners are its most common types. The hair straightener has evolved from a bulky, hot, steaming equipment to a multipurpose tool. In this article, our focus will be on flat iron straighteners, specifically, FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener.
FURIDEN professional hair straighteners belong to the elite FURIDEN brand which has, over the past 10 years, helped its innumerable customers find their signature look with confidence and elegance.
FURIDEN straighteners are designed such that they bring the saloon at your doorstep. Their easy maneuverability and styling grace results in hairstyles that are nothing short of a professional saloon’s handy work. And all this, at a low cost and with the utmost ease of use.

About FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

FURIDEN flat iron is a 2-in-1 styling product. It not only straightens your hair, but you can also use it for curling too. This Furiden hair straightener is a unique flat iron and a notch above its contemporaries. Unlike other flat irons, which along with straightening the hair, also dry them up resulting in damaged frizzled hair, this flat iron uses steam to counter this hair damage. It moisturizes and heats the hair as it is being straightened. Furiden hair straightener reviews on the internet vouch for the moistness and protection provided by these iron plates when straightening hair.
The FURIDEN professional hair straightener is relatively a compact hair straightener. It is approximately 12 inches long, making it portable and can be easily packed in a bag when travelling. It has tourmaline ceramic floating plates, designed for that perfect grip that will ensure you get straight glossy smooth hair. The ceramic part of the plate generates negative ions that ensure long-lasting straightening effect on the hair. The tourmaline mixed with ceramic in the plates, further add negative ions to the pool. This further enhances the durability effect of the iron plate in maintaining straightened hair for days and days without any maintenance.
Its MTC heater offers adjustable temperature settings from 350F to 450F, which is effective for all hair types including fine, thick, or fragile hair. It comes with a digital display that clearly shows the current temperature reading which the hair straightener is working on. Furthermore, it has a dual voltage setting, i.e., from 100 volts to 240 volts. This makes it compatible to be plugged into any socket around the world. Its protection is further enhanced by an auto switch which automatically turns off after 60 minutes. Accompanied by a swivel cord for easy maneuverability, this iron is one of the best options in the market.

Smart Features of FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

FURIDEN flat iron is no ordinary straightener and it is equipped with the latest technology. Like any latest gadget, it comes with smart features, which are:

  • Activates steam
  • 360°swivel cord
  • LCD digital display
  • A 60-minute auto shut off
  • Heats up in 60 seconds
  • Dual voltage 100-240v
  • Adjustable temperature from 350℉ to 450℉

Pros of Furiden Professional Hair Straightener

This iron plate is riddled with impressive qualities that makes it one of the top iron plate hair straighteners in the world. Some of its qualities are:

  • Its quality and results are comparable with that of any top saloons, according to Furiden hair straightener reviews. For professional looking hair styling, this hair straightener is an ideal choice.
  • This hair straightener is an ideal gift for anyone and especially for those who like to travel. Not only is its size compact to fit easily into any bag, but it comes with a dual voltage system, i.e., 110 to 240 volts AC. This means that this hair straightener, when plugged in any socket, will automatically adjust to the proper voltage of that area.
  • The hair straighter comes with steam to moisturize hair during styling; thus, preventing hair damage.
  • Its automatic 60-minute shut off mechanism gives durability and safety to this product. This mechanism helps the product from getting overheated. Also, in those cases where you forget to turn off your hair straightener, it will automatically shut off after 60 minutes, thus not only saving energy, but also saving the hair straightener from damage.
  • The straightening iron plates of this hair straightener heat up quickly in 15 seconds to the desired temperature setting. The temperature of the straightening iron can be adjusted between 350F to 450F. This rapid heating of the straightening iron saves energy, increases durability, and makes the results of hair straightening last longer.
  • This hair straightener has a unique 3600 swivel cord with floating plates which have curved edges. As the hand moves in different angles to straighten the hair, the swiveling action of the cord ensures easy maneuverability of the hair straightener, resulting in a tangle-free job with no snagging of the hair.
  • Furiden professional hair straightener has a newly designed one directional switch. Rotate it clockwise in just one step to achieve the desired heat level used in saloons for straightening hair.
  • This hair straightener has a big advantage as it protects your hair from damage. Its efficient heating system quickly straightens the hair in a single pass. Usually, no repeated passes are required to straighten out hairs. This quality protects the hair from overexposure to heat which can cause permanent damage to the hair cuticle.
  • This hair straightener has a long-lasting effect that does not require daily maintenance as mentioned in many Furiden flat iron reviews. This means that not only does your scalp and hair have minimum exposure to heat, but the results of this hair straightener are so good that every time this hair straightener is used, its results can be maintained for seven days without any reinforcing applications. These results are achieved because of the negative ions produced by both tourmaline and ceramic plates of the straightening iron. These negative ions keep the hair straight for days to come with needing any reinforcements.
  • The tourmaline ceramic plates enhance the straightener’s effectiveness. The tourmaline part offers the highest level of heat transfer for the strongest and fastest of results. Whereas, the ceramic part of the plates ensures even heat distribution without producing any damaging hot spots, making them very cost effective for everyday use.
  • It’s very easy to use this hair straightener. It comes with a comfortable swiveling grip with a rotation of 360-degrees and relatively lighter weight as compared to other bulky hair straighteners.
  • The package of Furiden professional flat iron hair straightener includes a heat-resistant glove, flat iron bag, salon comb, and 2 salon hair clips. This is a complete professional kitthat can give saloon professional look anywhere anytime.


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